Explore m, origin of gratis 140050; late Middle English Latin grts freely, contraction of grtis with favors, graces (ablative plural of grtia grace can be confused gracious gratis gratuitous m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.Gratis on application, or sent free by Post on receipt of Two Stamps.

Historical Examples of gratis, he did not like the expense of them, for everybody was entertained there gratis.For example, you buy a new smart phone and immediately download several free apps.

If any man in this country has a throat too muchcommand me, and I'll cut itgratis.Word Origin and History for gratis mid-15c., "for nothing, freely from Latin gratis, contraction of gratiis "for thanks hence, "without recompense ablative of gratiae "thanks plural of gratia "favor" (see grace )."Compensation from France in particular, is not to be had gratis, it appears.